Software Services

Sometimes it isn’t the hardware that’s failed, but the software. Whether you’re having application crashes, driver issues, or file corruption errors, we can get your PC working again!

New Operating System Installs — Installing a new operating system can be daunting and time-consuming. So let us do it for you! We’ve installed Windows and MacOS thousands of times! 

New Operating System Installs with Data Backup/Restore — When installing a new OS, we can also backup your data first, perform the install, and restore your data to the new OS. Get a new OS with complete peace of mind that all your data will be safe.

Driver Repairs — Drivers are special software that makes hardware work. When drivers fail, things like your printer, wifi, mouse, and more will stop functioning. But we can identify and correct them.

File Corruption — Hard drives can store a lot of data, and it can be very difficult for Windows or MacOS to keep all that data intact. Sometimes, it can misplace parts of your photo, or worse, parts of a key operating system file. But we have ways to fix these errors and save the day!

Application Installs — If you’re unfamiliar with installing software, or if we’re working on your PC already, you may want us to install some software to save you time! We can install one or more apps for you at very reasonable rates. We can even install them remotely!

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