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Your data is the single most valuable thing inside a computer. And keeping it safe can be difficult, especially after your hard disk has crashed. That’s where we’re here to help. Some of the data services we offer include:

Data Backup — If losing that data would be devastating, you should have a backup of it. Period. In today’s world, with cheap hard drives and cloud storage, backing up data is easier than ever. Not only can we do one-time backups, we can also design a backup solution for you that’s automatic and redundant. You’ll sleep well knowing your data will always be safe.

Data Recovery — If your hard drive has crashed, and your vital data is in danger, we can come to the rescue. We have specialized tools and procedures to attempt to save your data. Yes, attempt… Data recovery is the one service that can’t be guaranteed (since we’re working with defective equipment) but we’ll do everything to salvage what we can.

Data Migration — Buy a new PC? We can copy all of your data from the old PC to the new PC for you.

Cloning to a New Drive — If you’ve purchased a new hard drive, most likely you’ll want your old hard drive contents moved to the new one. We can move everything, in tact, without reinstalling Windows.

Drive Wiping — If you’d like to dispose of a hard drive, or resell/donate it to another party, it’s important that you erase the drive to keep your data private. We have the tools to wipe the drive clean, ready for re-use.

Password Reset/Recovery — If you’re locked out of your computer, or a computer you’ve purchased second-hand, we can recover or reset the password, depending on the operating system.

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