Laptop and Desktop Repair

We will service any desktop or laptop, no matter who made it or how old it is.  We have two decades of experience repairing PCs from many manufacturers, including Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Samsung, MSI, Compaq, Alienware, Gateway, and more.

Power Problems

PCs sometimes just don’t respond to being turned on. On desktops, that can often mean a bad power supply. On laptops, that can mean problems with the charger or battery. Sometimes it can even be a physical malfunction with the button itself! No worries, however, we can replace it all! And our laptop chargers and batteries cost a fraction of what manufacturers charge.

Cracked Screens

Kids, pets, and adults alike can sometimes destroy a laptop, and a very common breaking point is LCD panels. But if it happens, don’t junk the laptop! These can be replaced for a fraction of what a new laptop would cost.

Broken Hinges

Over their lives, hinges are often the most physically used and abused parts of laptops. We see lots of hinges that have become “loosey-goosey” and unable to hold up the screen anymore. We’ve also seen lots of cracked plastic where the hinges anchor to the chassis. Fortunately, both the hinges and the chassis can be replaced.

Broken or Spilt Keyboards

A keyboard is our primary input method for a PC. Studies have shown that a typical user can have 10k to 20k key presses per day. Combine the repitition, the occasional pounding of our fist on it because of another Windows crash, and that Starbucks coffee, it’s no wonder that keyboards die. But those laptop keyboards can be replaced quickly and easily.

Solid-State Drives and Hard Drives

Hard drives die faster than almost any component in a PC, because it is the only internal component with moving parts. They die especially quickly in laptops; a drop here or a nudge there and it’s lights out! But we can replace your ailing hard drive, with newer SSDs, which are about 100x faster and have no moving parts! It makes an old PC really come to life, and feel much faster.

Broken Processor Fans

Most of the time, you shouldn’t hear noise from your PC. And the occasional whirring is normal. But when you start hearing grinding or rattling sounds, that’s not good, because it’s probably the fan dying. The fan is so critical to a PC that if sensors read that it’s not working, the computer won’t even run! Because without a fan, the processor would overheat within a minute or two. Get that replaced ASAP!

Broken Power Jacks

DC power jacks dangle down to the floor, unsuspectingly waiting for anyone to hit it, and rip it out of the socket violently. Once that happens, you can’t charge the battery anymore! But did you know those power jacks are replaceable?

Memory Upgrades

So many older PCs I’ve seen have low amounts of memory. I’ve seen people use as little as 1 or 2GB for Windows 10! Today, I’d recommend a minimum of 8GB for the average user, and 16GB for a power user. Let us help you do an upgrade and bring new life to that PC!

And Other Parts!

We can also repair and replace DVD drives, Wifi chips, speakers, webcams, graphics cards, motherboards, and more!

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