Windows Apps

Here are samples of my work: developing Windows apps.


TIW Screenshot #1

Speedy Shopper

TIW Screenshot #1

About my Windows development

Back in the day, I created Windows apps for Alastria Software. I created these apps using an integrated development environment (IDE) called Delphi, originally made by Borland and since purchased by Embarcadero. Delphi apps are coded in a the seemingly forgotten language of Pascal, and indeed Delphi and its open-source equivalent Lazarus, are about the only two IDEs that use Pascal. But it's their loss. While not in high demand, Pascal is an almost perfect language to me: it's human-readable to English speakers, very strongly-typed, and object-oriented.

Unfortunately, the market for small-fry developers moved completely away from Windows in the mid-2010's. App developers just couldn't make enough for a living any more. Largely everyone moved to Android or iOS development. And demand for Delphi developers dropped as well. It was fun while it lasted!

My time as an app developer taught me a lot. For instance, I learned about the software development cycle, and setting and hitting release dates. I learned about customer service, and how to truly practice patience. I learned a lot about UI/UX design as well; that your designs must always give users a helping hand if they need it, and get out of their way if they don't.

But more than anything, I recall this era fondly because I was a full-time coder. That's what I've always loved doing.