Services We Offer

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“We want you to have a healthy and productive computing life.”

So why choose us?  We’re not here to gouge you with prices.  We believe that the best business comes from repeat customers, and customers come back when they’re happy.  So, we want you to have a healthy and productive computing life.

As for our credentials .. we have been working on building and repairing PCs for over 20 years, and have extensive knowledge of everything having to do w/ PCs, whether hardware, Windows, Linux, software, and programming.

All of our services include:

Flat-rate Pricing — Some technicians charge by the hour, but this can cause stress to customers who feel like the clock is ticking.  Instead, we charge flat rates instead of hourly rates.  We will assess your problems and quote an exact price before we ever work on the computer.

Free Diagnostics — After discussing charges with us, if you choose us to do the work, we will waive all diagnostic fees.  If you choose to use someone else, we’re perfectly fine with that.  We will only charge a minimal amount for diagnostics, depending on travel costs.

Free Pickup and Delivery — If you live within 15 miles of our shop, we offer free pickup and delivery.  This means we will come to your house, office, or any other pre-arranged location you’d like and pick up the computer.  We will then bring it back to our shop, and when our work is done, we will bring it back to you, better than ever.  If you live further than 15 miles from our shop, we add a small fuel surcharge.

We also provide 3 methods of service to our customers:

Remote Assistance — For many simple issues, we can fix your problems or provide instructions remotely.  By downloading and running a simple, widely-used app called TeamViewer, we can connect to your PC and operate it remotely.  We offer our remote support at reduced rates, making it a more economical solution.  And, if the problem cannot be fixed remotely and requires your PC be brought into the shop, you won’t be charged for the remote session.

In-shop — Most of the work we do is in-shop, and is completed within a few days (depending on shipping of parts, of course).

On-site — For network installations, or in cases of emergency, we can do some of our work on-site at your home or business.  Our courteous and professional technician will arrive on-time, and complete the job in a timely manner.