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If you are a residential or small business user having computer problems and living in the Charlotte, NC area, then we’re here to help!  We service any brand of laptop or desktop (HP, Compaq, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer, Asus, and more).  We will also tackle any problem: virusesdata lossbroken LCD screensbroken charging jacks, hardware upgradessoftware installsnetwork installstutoringwebsite design, and more.  Our prices are very competitive, and will not gouge you like the big box stores will.

We also can create custom PCs that meet your specific needs.

Computer help from someone you can trust.

Free Pickup and Delivery

To customers within 15 miles of our office, we offer free pickup and delivery, saving you time.  Just call and schedule a time and place to meet!

Malware and Virus Removal

Are you suddenly seeing lots of toolbars?  Or strange popup windows?  Malicious software (“malware”) like viruses can slow your machine to a crawl.  Worse, they can even steal personal information like passwords and credit card numbers.  We can squash these little gremlins permanently and get you back up to full speed!

Laptop Repairs and Upgrades

No matter the make or model, we can repair or upgrade any Windows-based laptop.  If that old PC is running slow, or has a failing hard drive, we can get it up and running in no time.  We will even fix broken LCD screens and charging jacks!

Desktop Repairs and Upgrades

We will repair any Windows-based desktop PC, no matter how old.  Whether you need a boost into the modern age, or a fix for a PC that just won’t turn on, we can fix it in a snap!

Custom PCs

We’ve been building custom PCs for 20 years, and no matter what you need, we can make it for you.  Whether its an ultimate gaming behemoth, a whisper-quiet mini desktop, or a business workhorse, we always use top-quality parts from major manufacturers, designed to last for years.  We also include 1 year of free tech support along with PCs you buy from us (something you won’t get from the major manufacturers).

Data Recovery and Backup

Disaster!  Has a hard drive crash caused you to lose your priceless photos, Powerpoint presentations, or other data?  You’d be surprised how often the data can be recovered.  Let our qualified technicians help you before the data is permanently lost.

Maintenance and Support

Just like a car you never put oil in, a PC can break down if not maintained properly.  We can perform regular anti-virus checks, remove pre-installed junkware on new PCs, and perform hardware diagnostics to warn you of impending failures.  We will even clean your PC of dust and debris (and you’d be amazed how much dust is in there).  We will also offer tech support contracts for PCs from any manufacturer.


So many times, you have a problem with a program that you wished you knew how to solve.  Or you just bought a new PC and have no idea how this new version of Windows works.  But you don’t know who to ask for help.  Now you do!  We provide remote assistance and on-site tutoring.  We’re glad to sit down and help you with any questions you have.

About Our Support

Flat-rate Pricing

For all of our in-shop services, we charge flat rates instead of hourly rates.  We will assess your problems, and discuss any charges with you before we ever work on the computer.

Remote Support

For many simple issues, we can fix your problems or provide instructions remotely.  We offer our remote support at reduced rates, making it a more economical solution.  And, if the problem cannot be fixed remotely and requires your PC be brought into the shop, you won’t be charged for the remote session.


Most of the work we do in-shop is completed within a few days (depending on parts shipping, of course).  And because of our free pickup and delivery service, you don’t have to worry about transporting your computer all over town.


For network installations, or in cases of emergency, we can do some of our work on-site at your home or business.  Our courteous and professional technician will arrive on-time, and complete the job in a timely manner.  And because of our flat-rate pricing, you won’t feel the time ticking away.

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Website Redesign!

Website Redesign!

We’re working on a redesign of the site.  If you see anything broken, please ignore the mess. We’ll be done very soon! Thanks!

Why should you buy a solid-state drive? Bottlenecks…

Why should you buy a solid-state drive? Bottlenecks…

For those who build computers, we often use the term “bottleneck.”  Bottlenecks occur when one component of a system is woefully slower than the others.  Think of a computer like a chain .. its only as strong as its weakest link.

Bottlenecks can occur in a variety of ways.  A common one among gamers is that they often purchase a cheaper processor, and get an oversized graphics card, thinking that the graphics are the most important thing for their super-awesome gaming rig.  But they’re just another link in the chain.  If the processor is unable to keep up, you’ll find that that expensive graphics card can’t be fully utilized, and therefore is wasted money.  What’s required is keeping every component in balance, so that each part is fully utilized 100%.

For the last 10 years or so, a bottleneck has existed within the storage system of modern PCs.  You see, hard drives are just slow.  Incredibly slow.  How slow?  In this article on AppScout, they compared the latency (i.e. the time it takes to access) of system memory (RAM) and a hard drive, and translated that to something we understand better: miles per hour.  If RAM latency was judged to be the same speed as an F-18 Hornet (approx. Mach 1.5), a hard drive latency was calculated to be the speed of a banana slug (0.007 mph).

Hard drives are a relic of the last century that just need to go away.  But they don’t.  Why?  First and most importantly, they’re cheap.  Second, they’re fairly reliable.  But finally, nothing better had come along to take their place.  Until recently.

Now on the scene are solid-state drives (SSDs).  SSDs use flash memory, much like what you see in common USB thumb drives.  However, SSDs are much faster than thumb drives, and hold a much larger capacity.  The real breakthrough came a few years ago, when both reliable and relatively cheap SSDs came on the market.  In every day operations, SSDs are somewhere around 100x faster than hard drives.  They also have no moving parts (less to break), and run completely silently.  They also produce far less heat than a hard drive.  In general use of the computer, once it has an SSD, the computer will just “feel” faster.  Bootup times take just a few seconds.  You’ll never have to click a program and wait seconds or minutes for something to happen; now it will launch instantly.  You’ll never hear the hard drive chugging away at random times, slowing everything to a crawl for no reason.  In short, no more bottlenecks.

No modern PC should be without a SSD

At this point, the only downside to SSDs are lack of storage space when compared to hard drives.  But, that can be overcome by using both.

Speaking from experience, I can say that no modern PC (one made within the last 5 years) should be without a SSD.  This includes laptops and desktops.  The best strategy to employ on a desktop is to use an SSD to store Windows and all your programs, and a large hard drive to store your documents.  On a laptop with only one drive bay, just get an SSD, and get one large enough to hold everything: Windows, programs, and documents.  The investment is well worth it.

“This is Windows calling. You have a virus.”

At some point, you’re going to get the call.  I know I have.  A person, usually in a thick accent, will be on the phone will call claiming to be from “Windows.”  They will claim that they have detected a virus on your system!  Oh no!  They say that they can get rid of it, if you give them control of your computer.  For a nominal fee, of course…

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