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“This is Windows calling. You have a virus.”

At some point, you’re going to get the call.  I know I have.  A person, usually in a thick accent, will be on the phone will call claiming to be from “Windows.”  They will claim that they have detected a virus on your system!  Oh no!  They say that they can get rid of it, if you give them control of your computer.  For a nominal fee, of course…

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Hello, Charlotte!

With my first post, I thought I’d just say hello.  And say thanks to all friends and family who allowed us to get this off the ground.

We’re here to help you.  The service industry doesn’t get more basic than that.  It’s the reason we chose to put “Services” in the name.  It reminds us that customer service always comes first.  We hope to help you for many years to come.

As for this blog … it won’t just be a waste of space.  I plan to use this to keep you up to date not only on technology news related to Charlotte, but also as a space to share news about security threats that could affect you.  I will also share some of my favorite tips and tricks as I encounter or think of them.  I plan to regularly post here, so stay tuned.


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Derek Moore - Co-owner, Technician
Has over 20 years experience in technology.  Began programming software by age 13, and repairing and custom-building PCs by age 15.  Graduated with B.S. in Computer Science.  Most recently worked as a software developer...  “I've always enjoyed helping people and solving problems, and with MCS, I get to do both.”
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